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I felt like things was ‘agettin a bit boring round here, therefore, I would like to hear the Faxiest thing everybody can think of, and I’ll (maybe) put it in a story. Happy thinking :)

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I usually read the summary and just grimace. I haven't been to in so long because I just lost hope for my own writing and others' writing.

Where in the keyboard are the little down-arrows?
I'm addicted to Evil Pumpkin's fic, and sometimes there are good other fics on there, so I stick around.

...Those are the letter V.
Ah. I feel so smart at the moment.
I figured it out before she told me too. Still, it was embarrassing re-reading that. XP

(I have posts here from my first MX ban - *nostalgic*)

I bet if I go through my FF review archives, I can find some shitty fic for all to enjoy. xD
Um....sure, why not....
I write FAX, simply because I'm unimaginative and it comes easier to me than anything else x3 Though it kinda fails .-.


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