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What is an Anti?
The category “Anti” is derived from the prefix “anti-“ which means against. Antis, or Anti-fans, are people who love some of the concepts posed by the series, but hate the direction that Patterson took the series and the fans who follow this direction mindlessly.

Why so mean?
Antis are very active, but actually are only a fraction of the MR fan base. As such, they see a lot of fans go squealing by about topics that James Patterson directed that were not the best literary moves he could have made. The intensification of Fax for instance. This, and the possibility of it assisting the plot, is why many Antis want fang dead.
Simply put:

Is this person an Anti?
Kayte put up a rather extensive list under the title “Anti-Fans Report (the sequel)”

Why do a lot of them support Figgy?
The whole Fang-Iggy thing is more of a smile towards something that would be funny if it did happen, but likely wouldn't... Like as if in the middle of the next Twilight movie everyone burst out into song Broadway-style. It is also an attempt at showing normal fans how the commentary on Fax appears as being annoying to them.
Jeb/Roland (ter Borcht) is another match-up Antis are famous for, and follows the same reasoning.

Four Antis are harassing me at once!
“Antis travel in packs.” If one Anti sees that you are putting up resistance to another Anti, they will instantly join in.

Are there things I can do to reduce the number of Antis that come after me?
Yes, actually.
1) Use your best spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Never use text-speak.
2) Don’t over emphasize anything unless you are making a life-shattering announcement. This means that you should never write more than three consecutive words in bold, italics, underlined, or all uppercase letters. Same goes for more than three consecutive exclamation points.
3) Check your questions and comments to see if they’ve already been made/answered. There is a search bar at the top right corner of the site page with the words "Search Social Network" in it to assist you with this.
4) Think your posts through before posting. Back up your point with evidence. It doesn’t have to be a five paragraph essay, but one or two sentences should do.
5) Never use swear words. They have been a topic of great pain to the Antis due to related bannings. The Moderators don't like swear words either.

I think I’ve been spotted by an (1) Anti! Help!
My recommendations:
1) Thank them for their help, and if it's a technical matter, like Repeat Posts, take their words to heart. If it's an item of opinion, take note of what they are saying so that you know not to fall into the same argument in the future.
2) Take none of their comments personally.
3) Never reply to anything that you may think is a personal insult.
4) Do not leave the computer until the discussion is brought to a standstill or close by them, not you. If you need to leave beforehand for real world reasons though, say so.

Oh no! I’m knee deep (2 or more)! What do I do?
1) You probably got this way because you pissed the Antis off with a general insult about age, intelligence, etc. Apologize for the insults now.
2) Thank them for their help.
3) Leave the computer only after the discussion is brought to a conclusion. Again, if you must leave for real-life reasons, such as going to sleep, say so. If the argument has died down when you get back, don't pick it back up.
4) Wait another day or so before returning to the forum, giving said Antis time to cool off. Then, tread carefully.

Why ‘hon’ and ‘kid’ and ‘dear’?
If an Anti is using these terms, they are really pissed at you, and they are being used instead of expletives to express their dissatisfaction with your replies.
Note: This particular item varies from Anti to Anti. Some just use these terms all the time.

But I’m right and they’re wrong!

This is unlikely, but like all things, possible. Again, you will have to make an extremely well reasoned argument, not respond to any personal insults, and be prepared to defend your point of view for at most three days in an intelligent and active fashion; which means not leaving your computer until your point has been made, again excepting real life reasons. Antis have been known to stay up nearly all night, and there is usually at least one on at any given time.
Again, I can’t recall a case where I viewed someone else doing this and changing everyone’s mind, but I have seen it used to reach a stalemate.

Won’t the Antis come after you now?
I’m doing this as much for them as I am for you… *walks off quietly into sunset*

Note: I had Antis in general in mind when I wrote this up. Like any advice book, pamphlet, or article, things will always change on a case-by-case basis.

A special Thank You to RantingSidekick, Pyro, Rampancy, Megan (Fishy), and Nathan_p for corrections and contributions. You are awesome!

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*pokes out tongue*

Be careful you never know who might bite it.
I don't mind a little nibbling every now and then >.>
I don't either >.> as long as it's nothing I need.
What's the Spot?

Umm...sure. Be sure though to revise the links, namely Kate's list and Anti Love, and I'm willing to bet that they're all dead by this point. Also, don't forget to attach a date to this.

Be sure to send me a link when you're done, I'm always curious to see the reactions to my posts.
When I get authenticated, I'll look around. No gaurantees of consistent presence though.
The Spot is a basically a site like FF, except most of our members came from TTS originally.

I'll link you when I get it up.
I need to be authenticated before I can view it though.
OH! *approves you*

I'm kinda in a zillion places at once right now, so I may not get it posted for a little while.

Sufficient? The graphics didn't translate. But the point is still there ^-^
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