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A place for all of the letters, memos, photographs, reports, etc, be them finished or in progress.

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If you could apply that to some of the memos, namely ones that take place before TAE, that would be awesome, but I promised that document to Devil's Sunrise so he could dump stains all over it.

Awesome work though, it looks amazing.
Sure thing. I'll dig around in the ARG thread.

I can make the papers less yellow for more recent documents.

I'm going to try and see if I can get maybe only one or two crumples in them and then apply them to some of the newer documents. Probably for ones after TAE.

Thanks. :D
A letter from the IHL chewing out Itex for the breakin in TAE, fits more directly with the new information brought about by the first chapters of ANGEL

Needs polishing, some sentences are quite awkward, but I like the idea.

The little I has a green squiggly under it.

Otherwise know as a, "Word is a Bitch," error.

*between you and me

Just an alert. My English teacher emphasized this, and that's what the squiggly line is for.

The phrase 'the whole Eraser' seems out of place. Would these scientists really use the name that the Flock uses? Maybe 'completely redesigning the lupine-human hybrid' would be more in-character.


Am I being annoying? I'll stop if I am.


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