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Original credit goes to Random on MX. Correct me if this already exists, I failed to find it.

So, basically you type things with your eyes closed (Anything) and, see how you do.


Ex. Hello I am Mia and ireally hops this aorks. I am ar the libraru amnd joping I don't look too weird to the people around me.,

((Hello I am Mia and I really hope this works. I am at the library and hoping I don't look too weird *That was perfect* to the people around me.))

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If I can only finish this last paper I could get back to doing silly things like Minecraft and book editing. Sime to start writing...

One letter wrong...why the S? They aren't even near each other on the keyboard.

How is Minecragy, by the way> I;ve hgeard about it, bit nothing more...


I am a total failure. I'm again at the library, and now some people are staring at me..

"How is Minecraft, by the way? I've heard about it, but nothing more..."

Minecraft is crack. It's really good. Stay away.

I have a massive headache and I'm hungry and I kind of feel like shit. Also I have way too many consecutive finals tomorrow and I'm not excited. 

Aced it.

I'll see how good I do with this. Given how long I've tried to trype on my longs nights on MDW this should be perfectly somwhat normal.

You have failed me.vader

Trying again:

Mepp, it;s not that bad. In fact, it;s quite fine. *In my opinion*


Heh, better than before.

Oh, I suck. And this is officially dead, so much like Random's discussion on MDW. *sadness* 

Oh. Wow. Perfection.


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