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At least i got a few good laughs out of that, Max was boring as fuck >./body>

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Okay, did you notice how in MAX they started at point A then went in a big circle of nothingness and endded at point A again?
Gah. The fourth was an epic failure. At least the fifth was partly entertaining, even if there was too much Fax for it's own good.
The only bits i found entertaining were Gazzy and Iggy and their mass of exsplosive knowledge.
I wonder how they got all that knowledge.
Uh..thats why impressionable minors should be supervised when on the interwebs? x3
The knowledge is out there and easily obtained. I could teach you how to create a nuclear weapon based off of what I've read. The difficulty is getting supplies, which is the real question with regards to Gazzy and Iggy.


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