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All the published MR books, in a convenient place.

Inoticed that Xuut managed to get her hands on pdfs of books 1-5, but since we reference these things fairly often, I thought some of you might prefer this as a separate item, so that you don't have to go searching through pages of thread to find them

UPDATE: Books 6 and 7 too! Way to go Xuut!

Book 1  TAE

Book 2 SOF


Book 4 TFW

Book 5 MAX

Book 6 FANG (Note, every other page is blank)

Book 7 ANGEL (Note, super-huge font, you may want to zoom out)

Summaries, if you're too shy to ask one of us or not in the mood to deal with WIkipedia.

Again, credit goes to Xuut for digging these up.

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Eh, we all have our off days. Plus, this thread is two years old and no one noticed/pointed it out sooner.


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