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Hey, guys, Tally, Silver, and I need a place to post... So I figured it was alright to post here... Thanks... Anyone else can join us to talk about Pokemon Black and White. Or prior versions. Whatever, really.

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Should I get Black or White?
Had a very long battle with Clay, most of it leech seed and super potion stalling.  Whatever works.

Why is this thread dead just when I get to it =(?


Anyhow, team:

Ares (Sawk)-Lv. 47, Strength, Counter, Bulk Up, Brick Break

Aura (Unfezant)-Lv. 45, Feather Dance, Roost, Fly, Air Slash

Aquarius (Seismitoad)-Lv. 45, Surf, Muddy Water, Aqua Ring, Sludge Bomb

Panic (Serperior)-Lv. 50, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Wring Out, Coil

Gaia (Krookodile)-Lv. 48, Bulldoze, Dig, Crunch, Foul Play



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