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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Purely for talking and asking other facilitators questions about MDW posts while it's going on...and for laughing at the reactions of those who aren't in on it. Remember, we don't want to hint to anyone on MDW what's really going on.


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derf. I gotta sleep before I go all WHOA.


Also, the Italian is from September 2006. By the way. Or it was last time I checked.

This is amazing. All the work that you guys put into it seems to be paying off. I only wish I could've helped somehow. :)

There's still a transcript I have somewhere about cloning that you can try your hand at reading, if you wish.
I can try out for that, sure. ^-^

Just read through the Nazi conspiracy. 


And dear god. 


That's... hilarious. 


Now updating the archive for this. I have the exact times now for early posts. :D (But they're in my timezone so suck it.)

Did anyone even notice our Chekov's Notecard in the box? :\

I practically asked them "There's supposed to be a puzzle in here. Did we miss anything?"

If by Thursday evening they haven't figured it out, I'll ask myself.

I like that they know think the ARG inspired Maximum Ride.
Wow, that was a tough evade that involved way more research than needed.
Max.Ride_rox has got to be one of you, otherwise that is some goddamn aggressive stupid.
Did you see my message on how to deal with the person pestering about the CDs?


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