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hi. i am travelling all over the internet to spread the love. i am a christian, and hopefully you are too. i am not here to try to convert you if you are not a cristian, though if you would like to be converted ill happily help. 

i am here to speak to the people who are already christians. we need to stand together and fight. if you have an atheist or agnostic or something else bad friends, leave them behind now. 

thank you and god bless you all.

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Initially my reaction to this is 'TROOOOOOLLLL, hairy fat trolllllll,' but then, I've been reading the political mail I've been sent 'cause it's election time, and the Family First party have a whole list of Christian 'policies' that make me think 'hey, maybe religion isn't dead quite yet.' Which bears the question, why are we not burning these creatures at the stake they were so fond of? One of the policies was "Marriage is Special": We uphold the integrity of marriage as the joining of a man and a woman, etc.

What confuses me is what exactly makes it special for a man to root a woman? They do that everywhere. Same sex relationships are much more special, they aren't nearly so horrendously common and prone to failure.

Speaking of, I should be in bed with the person I love, whom I don't have any right to marry. Not that I believe in marriage, outdated concept that it is.

Anyway, I won't do any nasty things to this poor misguided child, as I know how entertaining you all find the arguing. *salutes* As you were.
Well, they're not so much MORE special, but the right person's idea of a same-sex relationship is in comparison to the wrong person's idea of a different-sex relationship. Which is the comparison we end up having to make nowadays.
At least this time round it's an issue. I don't remember it ever really been considered at all previously, let alone taken seriously enough that the parties are all working out their stances and things not that anyone save the Greens have found themselves in favour -.-'

Also, welcome back? For the moment?
For the moment, yes. Go the Greens. Nathan's quest for admin skillz to pay for the site reminded me of thou existence.
We feel special, thanks.
You should. I haven't even had time for my Mafia. I haz no tiem. But I haz a GPA 6.5 on a 7-point scale, so sacrificies are necessary it seems.

Oh my. :o
You people make me sad and make me think I have to explain myself because I don't happen to believe in God. This kind of stuff hurts my feelings. I'm really not a bad person.

This reminds me so much of the argument I had with my friend. She's a Christian and I'm agnostic. She's my best friend and I know for a fact she thinks I'm her best friend too.


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