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Welcome to the Secret Confessions thread. Beyond the pure anonymity of the internet, there lies a certain level of understanding behind all the accounts here on FF. The SC account carries burden of allowing the user to give a candid, private confession with (hopefully) understanding feedback. The SC thread is for other posters to give kind and/or helpful advice, words of empathy, or a secret of their own (under the SC name or not).

This account is a group account, and EVERYONE needs to treat it respectfully. By posting under the Secret Confessor, you are pledging to refrain from hate mail, "finger-pointing", insulting and being a jerkface. By posting in the SC thread, you are pledging to keep the comments respectful. This has not yet been a problem, but it's nice to have written down "just in case".

If you would like to use the SC account for ANY reason beside posting in this thread, please PM me- even if it's under the SC name (this is not to exert authority, but to maintain order over a very accessible account).

Thank you!

Password: secret

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I think there are just moments when you feel like the world has just fallen onto you and you want to explode. 

Even though I'm by no means emotional, I get this a lot. Just the stress from life and sometimes it feels as if your closest friends aren't very close at all and you have absolutely no one to talk to and it honestly feels like you're all alone and all you want to do is sit down and cry. 

Just remember that we're here for, we care and we are willing to listen to whatever it is you'd like to complain about. I think that's what's nice about this site, even after all these years despite the infrequent posts, we all care and are more than willing to listen to your problem. 

If you feel like some of your irl friends don't care, just straight up tell them that you are having some problems and you want to talk about it. Chances are, they don't know that you aren't as stable as you appear to be and they won't know until you tell them. If you're uncomfortable with that, try one of us. Fate's an amazing person to talk to and is more than able to give you sound advice. 

I skipped my art class at 8:30 to conserve some of my sanity. I'm glad the play is over, but I'll miss it. By the end of it I was in more kinds of pain than one literally, but then yesterday Cody had to start something when we weren't even halfway through for the night. What the fuck? I mean, I'm sorry I'm in school and I hardly get to see him and I didn't know the play was going to be on his birthday and that I'm too busy and lazy to get my license, but he's not the most important thing in my life right now. 

If I'm the most important thing in his life, I'm sorry for him. I'll always be the most important in mine, though, and he needs to get over it. Does it make me a bad girlfriend if my life doesn't revolve around him? I guess I do need to try harder with him, but I'm getting sick of this. I really do feel bad about it, but I don't personally need any more from him, except maybe figuring out what he's going to do with his life now that he's 21. He's not even in school or trying to do anything yet. Meanwhile I'm apparently incapable of getting attached to anyone and could live forever as a hermit on the internet and be happy as long as I can do my art and write my stories.

I guess neither one of us lives up to the other's expectations. It's finally starting to make a difference.

Tell that to him, make it very clear and say it directly. Relationships are two-way; both of you need to simultaneously make an effort, and be aware that things won't turn out perfectly.

Well today/yesterday was interesting.

...I'm attracted to him but I'm not sure I'm that attracted to him.

I can't tell why I keep thinking about my ex gf.  I broke up with her 2 months ago.  

I don't know why I can't get over it; it was absolutely the right choice and my only problem is that it took me so long to see it.  This is probably way TMI, but the only way we really got along was... ah, physically.  And I don't know if we really got along physically or if she's just kinda slutty.  

The fact that she started dating a new guy 3 weeks after makes me feel kinda shitty.  I can't tell if she's filling a void or if I meant that little to her.

I also sometimes worry that I'll never be that physically compatible with anyone else.  Which, given my age, is absolutely ridiculous, but it's a hard thought to shake.

Christ, I'm so close to being completely over it.  It feels good to talk about it, though, and I'm pretty sure all my RL friends are too glad I'm done dating her to understand my bitchy teenage angst.  

<3 you guys.

I'm bad at keeping up with this thread wow.

I think it just takes a while to get over something. Was it a particularly long relationship? Those tend to take even longer than usual. Two months isn't a huge amount of time, it took my friend a year to really get over her boyfriend even though they dated for about three months. The fact that she dated a guy three weeks after can seem kinda harsh but I find girls are fickle as hell. My friend dated a guy for a year and a half, broke up, then dated another guy three days later. It's not that he meant nothing to her, it's just that it wasn't working out so she just jumped onto the next guy that she thought would work out. Basically, girls are weird as hell. 

Cats can fill the void like no other. So can junk food. Just saying.  In terms of like, physical compatibility I just want to assure you right now, that since you are probably the type of person who can tolerate hugs you're going to be fine. Just gotta find the right person. (Y) 

So basically, I really like this guy and he's amazing to talk and he thinks I'm pretty and wonderful. But I have doubts. I don't think it's like true love. We've only known each other for a short amount of time but then again, I feel like I can truly tell him anything and he'd understand. I trust him more than I thought I could ever trust a guy. And I really wanna just be with him but yet again, I run into the same problem. What if he's just faking his interest in me? How do I know? Am I just too paranoid to even get involved with another person?

Maybe just go out on a few dates and see where things lead? I assume you're old enough to go out on actual dates, but if I'm wrong, then my advice is rather useless.

Trusting people is really hard, especially if you've been burned in the past. Starting small is always good and don't ever worry about being afraid to trust. It's natural.

Good luck.

My brain thinks 'worst case scenario' all the time. That way, when it's not it, I can handle whatever it really is.

But something feels different this time. Idk. Something feels...correct and I just... I don't know what to do. I'm going to the doctor soon, so we'll see.

But guys...

What if I have cancer?

Sometimes, I remember posting this and I just feel really unnerved.

I really hate complaining because I have nothing to actually be upset about it but ugh.

I'm just so frustrated with the direction my life is going. I feel so goddamn worthless about 100% of the time. I get sad about the stupidest things and when I complain to people, I can tell they're frustrated with me. Like, I'm sorry but I don't know what's wrong with me. I have so many friends on the internet that I can complain to but I don't wanna seem needy. I know it's just a phase but I wish people would stop telling me that. Plus, I'm really quite dumb because I got way too attached to someone and I was burned. It was probably the worst thing that's happened to me and I still cry about it. I just wanna stop crying for once.

ugh this is terrible. i'm so sorry

You're allowed to cry. You're also allowed to allow yourself to stop crying. At your leisure. Sorry to hear that things are going poorly for you.

Plus, I'm really quite dumb because I got way too attached to someone and I was burned.

I am increasingly led to believe that this is a normal, unfortunate part of the Human Experience. You're not dumb at all.


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