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As I mentioned previous times, I wished to write a history of the fandom.
I intend on doing it in three parts.
1) Conception (book 2) and the old blog
2) MX and Anti Dominence
3) Summer 2009 and current day.

We are starting with number 1.
I can easily type up things regarding the book, however I wasn't really around (except a bi-monthly glance at the featured posts). So, I need names, dates, big events. Remember this is centered at the MR community as a whole, not just the Antis, so if there were dates that were important to them (maybe something crazy happened around a book release?) Give 'em

I'll update the OP as we move through the parts.

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Uh, I joined in late December 08 so I can't say much about the old blog.

Sadly my first experience on MX was fanfics. Why? I had never heard of them before they facscinated me. Naturally I had to read terrible ones and think they were great. Afterwards I got into an argument with a girl who could claim to "see into the future", in the Twilight section... Which was changed to the, "Other books," section or whatever the hell it's called nowadays.

In mid-Januarary I was still scared as shit to post on the forums. Probably due to the fact that Nathan went around calling people who were basically idiots, fuckface, and it kind of sort of scared my semi-pure thirteen year old mind. Plus for some reason I was scared out of my friggin' mind to know that someone over the internet would hate me...

I made a couple posts, and the first anti I ever met was Cher, call me weird for remembering but eh. I always remember useless things. And then there was TTS, who I believe Hannah posted about.

Months kind of pasted, then it was like what? Late February, early March, the Legion started. A thread was born.

Basically people who weren't in The Legion were flippin' shits. Lots of confusion. I just kind of went with the flow... Then some guy started The Resistance, whatever the hell that was. Which was against The Legion, apparently. Not exactly sure how that went over...

I think the Mods butchered it though, because when I left due to the loss of my laptop in late March-ish, it was still going strong.

I came back in early June, I lurked again. Biggest difference I noticed? Most of the Antis who were on before, weren't. Then of course, I noticed the Mods. I didn't have any issues with them because I didn't swear much or severely, and I was freakishly nice to squees. And a lot of fun had been sucked away.

And to sum up the summer:

Mods be hatin', bannings of Nathan, Marian, etc. Sometime in August or something stupid like that.
August 24?ish - Ranting left... D: For a month, a month of darkness and stuff.
Late September - Lots of bannings of old members for reasons STILL FUCKING UNKNOWN. WTF.
Now - Asides from slight activity from people, dead, dead, dead. And very un-fun. :|

Oh yeah, and anyone remember that Megan chick who kept threating to beat up all the Antis? Oh god, she was a REAL kick. XD

Edit: This came out longer than I had planned....
XD I remember the first Anti I ever met too. Kathryn, I think. I didn't know her that well, but we talked a little, before I met Lamp and everything.

*still reading through all of the thread*

I think we'd still need more of a mention of the old site and the politics there. . . .especially if you're going to dedicate a section to anti dominance on MX.


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