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I can't believe we don't have this thread, I went through all the threads looking for it.  Brought back such memories, too.  :D  Tell me if I, however, missed it.


So, pretty self explainatory.  What are you currently reading?  'Tis appreciated if you'd also say whether or not you'd recommend/not recommend the book, too, so everyone can expand their reading list.  :D 


I'm curretly reading:

 - Symphony of Ages Seires -- Elizabeth Haydon.  They're great.  I'm adoring them.

 - The Messenger -- Markus Zusak.  'Tis lovely.  Very down-to-Earth, great writing style, fast moving without too much action. 

 - The Gates -- John Connolly.  Only a few pages into it.  'Tis beyond amazing, though.  I love this author.


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That sounds pretty cool, maybe I'll tackle it over the summer and see how well I do. 


-Adds to list of things I should read-

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, which is interesting though I've only gotten through the first five-ish chapters.


...Christ, I am incredibly lazy about consistently reading books. There are like seven by my bed, none of which I've finished, most of which I started month(s) ago.

I've got half a mind to create a blog devoted to writing reviews of the free smut that the kindle offers. Because it's really goddamn funny.
This isn't current, but I shall likely be reading upwards of 50 books next semester. If you see little of me next Fall, that's why.

"Everything she did, everything she felt, was the result of surgical and biochemical lies placed within her for the service of others."


So if anyone didn't catch me dying of happiness yet, I'm immersed in Peter Watts' Rifters trilogy, which is essentially Bioshock: The Novel on a mindblowing level.

Rereading the Harry Potter series. I'm currently reading the third one and I'm getting really close to finishing it.


The Merchant Of Venice in English. It's not hard to read per se, (I dislike the flowery-ness though) but I'm laughing at all the insults which I don't find are that funny but find amusing none the less.


It's kind of like that one time where I read bad Fanfics out loud. 

Made the mistake of purchasing another cheaply-published book.

Between this and Architects of Humanity, I've discovered that you can tell that writing in a book is truly crap within the first three paragraphs. This guy needs some serious working and punctuation help.

Also, the writer never studied psychology. Damn it.
I was trying to stay off this site, but dude, you would be surprised how many fucking people won't put in a little bit of time for research to make their story sound non-stupid to anyone who passed Psych 101 or an anatomy class.
This isn't Psych 101, this is common sense. Girls act the way they do due to their social environment; genes have little-to-nothing to do with it. The phrase "nature vs. nurture" had to have come up once in the guy's high school education, right?
Sadly, probably not :\


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