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What do you think the squees would do if JP DID kill Fang?

I'm putting my money on castration, followed by a slow death.

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Most of them are rabid 12 year olds, or they seem so mentally, so I doubt they could think of something like castration, maybe just kicking him until he no longer has anything resembling genitalia?
Most of them can't even drive a car.

Angry posts on the forums involving sad smileys, a few weeks of uproar, then years of fixfic and a divide in the fandom.
Um. . . .get over it?

Most of them are temperamental and easily persuaded. JK didn't die for killing Dumbledore, Fred, Lupin or Tonks, SM didn't die when Bella chose Edward, etc, and they have much bigger fan-bases.

We'd see more of a squee-ish hater/anti, have a presence, though.
Most of those have reasons for that, most HP fans aren't as crazy, just go on the forums... >.>

In Twilight when the books were released people didn't like Jacob, maybe like 4% the only reason he's so popular now is because he's "hawt" or "HOT" they might have killed if it went the other, plus it was obvious that she would end up with Edward from the start, or kill him and herself, obsession will do that to you.
How come squees don't get in trouble for threatening to murder JP? I mean, really..... Death threats towards the author, and NOTHING happens? C'mon now. Don't pick favorites, admin.

*coughs* MX would come back to life, and then die even harder.
Well, that's where the money is, so of course they're allowed to shoot of their mouths like that.
We're consumers too, though.
Yeah, but not nearly for all the income. We're a smaller percentage of the fanbase. Piss off all the fans and you're in trouble. Piss off all the antis, and not much happens, but you will get a bigger squee fan-base, and they'd probably end up buying more, then, should the anti's have been there.
Still, killing Fang wouldn't put off too many fans-I mean, they'd probably adapt, and want to read about how Max reacts to his death and stuff.
Whine. Bitch. Moan.

Make repeat threads to do the above?
No. *is speaking from experience of being a ex-squee and current Fangirlologist* Squees are to excitable to do anything that takes that much patience and parents would probably keep their kids at home or in therapy. It will mostly just be crying, mourning, and egging JP.
*Is also ex-squee and n00bologist*


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