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"Somehow, I managed to look both deadpan and speechless-shocked. Wow. Wooow. I wish Elena appeared in Angel, though..." ---The Tweenaged Yaoi Fangirl  


"Im devastated that its fake, but next time you should so include me! XD" ---Better*Than*Revenge (Rev)  


"Very good, perhaps this will convinse James to get his act together. Btw, what was Reality Check? Also, it's a pity that this wasn't part of the actual series." ---Alex


"When I read that, I hoped Endof was joking. I would have liked to see Elena in Angel." ---Jordan Mizell


"This was, simply put, amazing, EndOf. And everyone else who did this. I was shocked but grinning when I finished reading your "This was by us" letter thing." ---JackyFan


"^ This. It was the most entertaining thing on this site in...gosh, forever. So, thank you." ---Sempai AKA Madame Snow


"at first i was like OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH then im like -_- i beein silly then i got some skittles" ---Kat


"So it was an ARG after all. Knew that rigt off the bat. The fact that EndOf was the one that had a part of it, eh, kinda surprising. What page was it finally revealed?" ---Vincent of Valentine


"ive been reading this from the start and was so into it. was much like reading a book and diving into the books world, it was like it was real." ---Ashleigh Corbett


"((Woah... I've got to hand it to you guys, this was really well thought out and put together. I mean, all the detail and planning this must have taken. Incredible and entirely entertaining. I believe I started reading this around the end of January, and I just now got around to finishing up the last twenty or so pages. So many of my questions had been answered - and suspicions confirmed. I was certain that Elena knew, but it was surprising to figure out that more were so involved. I only wish that I had paid more attention to this earlier. xD Anywho, to those of you who made this possible: thanks a ton - it was fun to read.)) ---Artist  

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"then i got some skittles".


The best part was probably getting people commenting on Reality Check being all "whats this" and me going "awfuck".


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