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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Being actors trying to keep the guise of being regular people isn't hard, but it isn't easy. When dealing with the ARG on MDW, some good rules of thumb:

--Everyone should remain themselves. Don't change your personality to talk to Elena. If you're usually attacking everything, then don't start
making nice comments (or, at least not immediately).
--Everyone should work to disprove any fake documents not related to the ARG.
--If those on the site can't do it, the right questions posted at Elena should come from us, but not until last minute.
--During some posts, especially the first one, we should plan in advance a fake reaction set, so the thread is kept active.
--We should be cautiously optimistic about any documents. We know that
the MR universe is fake, but "This is cool, we have nothing better to
do, so we should help out anyway."
--Arguments against the ARG "This is obviously fake." should be rebuked
by us as ourselves, not Elena. "Sure, it's probably fake, but it's way
more detailed and worked out than most of the fanfiction on the blog."
--You don't talk about the fight club. (In short, never let on that you're involved in the open, or with people). If you have questions, concerns, arguments, do them here, not over there.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to voice them.

Declared Facilitators:

--Devil's Sunrise

--o0_flying high_0o

--I kill you all!



--Crowley/Faker than Fake Fang

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Right. Your name was up there in spirit.


Haha it's no problem. But I'm Monogatari, if you couldn't tell already.

I'm Sora on the other site. Duh.


And I'm guessing basically I just act like I did before I knew.

Exactly, and avoid coming to any conclusions, except ones that can be argued further.

I'm Faker than Faker than Fake Fang, and I'm both making amusing comments (Well, amusing to myself) and making sure nobody screws up.


Like mentioning ter Borcht before we know he's involved.

Oh yeah, I forgot to reply to this one... >.> I'm there too... Sorry...


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