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I felt like things was ‘agettin a bit boring round here, therefore, I would like to hear the Faxiest thing everybody can think of, and I’ll (maybe) put it in a story. Happy thinking :)

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Well, my friend actually had to fax something somewhere to get into job corps. Thought that was weird.

Other than that, I don't believe in the pairing. It's against my religion. Good luck, though.
your religion? not THAT fax......ah well :)
I ship Jeb/Roland religiously.
I was talking about max/fang
I know you were. I said that Max/Fang was against my religion (Jeb/Roland).
I posted both :) just to see what I'd get
Yep. I'm mostly just bored.
:) Any ideas on a post that will shock the socks off of the peoples back a MX?
darn....I was hoping for SOMETHING.....ask the girl who was texting you...
Shocking people?

Slash is always good.

Or stating that Fang will die, or Fax will never happen.
No, I think it sounds interesting too.

Oh holy hell it's raining again.
I was a FAX fan back when I read fanfiction. Before I came on MX. I feel like I've already explained this to someone. Nathan, maybe?


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