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Actually good plot lines for the rest of the series?

You know, if the series was more orientated to good plot and less Fax. Fang dying horribly painful deaths, Roland and Jeb having their wedding, etc.

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The original idea for the story in the fugitive arc wasn't bad in itself. I'll come up with something when my head isn't screaming at me.
Yeah, but it died with the third book.

I like the idea of all the flock members dying of internal organ failure-since they had their genes screwed with and all.
Hmm, Max puking up her organs? It'd shut her up at least. >.< I got sick of Max's rambling's both at the others or at the voice(s) in her head fast.
She's obviously insane. To be expected, given her background.

On that note, it'd be interesting if Fang finally cracked and went on a homicidal rampage. God knows he's close to doing so...
I'd see either he goes on a rampage, or his antipathy towards most things gets them killed somehow.
Resolution of the katrillion plot lines from the first three books.

Personally I'd really like to hear some backstory (why Jeb forged consent forms for Roland, for instance) and have the dangly plot threads from the SOF bonus material tied up.
...Good point.

I'd kind of like a prologue, myself. It seems to me that the breakout would be the most interesting plotline.
*giggle* Metal Gear has done it once -- FOXDIE!

Doesn't mean I wouldn't love it to show up in MR.
...I'd like to see them all age prematurely.

And get attacked by giant nuclear mechas. With laz3Rb33ms

...tbh just fighting robots would be awesome.

ahahaha and we could totally have... like I don't even know but OUTER HEAVEN except with Max

Plus, a torture scene each book.

And a mildly coherent story line.
we need an Ocelot character

but wait we have Jeb for that.

I like where this is going :D


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