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New Mod's on MX. I see people missing. Who the hell got banned?!

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4th, Nathan, Cher, Smartie, Nick, and a few others, I believe.
SmartA55, Shay, and Sappy
This all sucks.

Goddamn mother fucking mods.

Everyone make as many accounts as you can and constantly cuss them out.
You have to wait to get approval from mods for new accounts on MX =(
And it takes friggin three days to get one, apparently.
Yes, it's taking forever. Jon has no patience. DX
Uh, I made one yesterday, I think, and it got approved within hours.
Mine is taking FOREVER as well. It might be cause I'm signed out at the moment...
I made one today, and when I signed in to see if it had been approved yet I found out they'd banned it before I even used it.
Around 8 anti's have been banned so far; you guys need to watch your language XD

But this must be a fun challenge for you, huh?


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