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New Mod's on MX. I see people missing. Who the hell got banned?!

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Soliciting is the reason I'm afraid of posting The List too often on the site. I'm putting it in NA, where those who will appreciate it can find it.

No idea what Shay got banned for, Shay's back and Fluffy Bunny for creating double accounts, and Jack Frost. I have also no idea, I guess they are not winter people.
What the heck COULD you have gotten banned for?? You and Nameless.
I'm still trying to find NA,I know what it is, I just don't know where on the internet it's located, and I've been searching~ But I guess you could call me a 'newbie' now since I just walked in on the rebellion.

Forgive me, I've been gone for a month and I joined the rebellion because I came back to MX and found, well, you know, everyone was gone. It's just absolutely the best welcome back there could be, I mean, "Hey, look, everyone's missing, oh it seems they got banned..." is just about like coming back home from a long trip and finding out your family moved out of your house.

Eh, I'll stop now. I'm ranting. Where can I find NA?
Not anymore, though.

Apparently you're a high-risk member, Nathan. Probably because you have a brain and they want us to be mindless zombies.
Am I a high risk member to?
Is that why I got banned for telling someone to get a life?
No warnings yet, though I'm surprised. I remember making a comment a while back about ModChey from TTS having a pole stuck up her ass. xD I guess they haven't found it yet...
yo, i feel sorry for you nathen
i have goten a warning, they are starting to losen uo a bit
I. Got. Banned. For. Calling. Someone. An. Idiot.


Well at least that's what my most recent warning was for...


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