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New Mod's on MX. I see people missing. Who the hell got banned?!

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*surprise sexxes Z*
True. ^-^
Hannah (Dontkillchic): I am on Tash's accont to tell you that she is in love with Vince

Hey Nathan, did you get the banhammer again?
Wtf, no. No. *searches*

Have you seen the latest from Mod Katy? We have been accused of PMing each other and directing each other to fail threads.

But i think i won that fight.
XD No, I haven't.

But now I want to comment and point out that we don't need to be directed, since we can tell a fail thread from a regular one on our own. Y'know, because our IQs are higher than our shoe sizes.
Exactly...We're not a pack, just a hive mind. O.O
I have a feeling it wasn't a ban this time. =/

I just got banned for saying:

Spelling is appalling.
Grammar even worse.
And geez kid, get a life.

No warnings at all.

Last time I got banned for:

Not swearing.

I can't return, so I'm going to do my damndest to get every member of that site to join this one, Avenge's or one of my own (That I plan on creating.)
I include every Noob and Obsessed in my plans, because if I can get them on my side (I'm already friends with half of them.) then they'll have nothing.
I know it's probably not going to happen: a reformation.

They've honestly, and in every sense of the world, completely shattered me.
Completely destroyed something I love.
I scream for their blood.
I just beg the rest of you to come on here more often, because I don't want to loose the friendships I've made with you guys.

Because that's the worst part of the ban, it shatters connections. It's not just my posts, it's my people, my friends, people I spend more than half my time talking to. And I can't lose you guys too, because that would mean they'd succeeded. They'd have completely destroyed everything I hold dear to me.
*Hugs* Oh Tash!

I think mods are just looking for the tiniest reasons to ban now.
Want to read the crap they sent me?


Dear Sky (Tash),

Thank you for participating in the Max-Dan-Wiz community. However, your account has reached the maximum violations allowed and is now banned for one Month. Any account created to avoid this ban will also be banned. Future violations may lead to a permanent banning from this community.

Copy of last violation:

Spelling is appalling.
Grammar even worse.
And geez kid, get a life.

Thank you,

Max-Dan-Wiz Moderation Team

Want to read what I replied with?

Be my guest:

What was wrong with that?

Never before have you told me off for correcting people's posts.

If you'd told me you had a problem with it I would have stopped.

And I get banned for not swearing, I get banned for crossing out words I didn't want younger patrons to see because, I didn't want to swear in front of them.

Again, no one told me that I wasn't allowed to cross out my swear words.

And if I’d been told, I wouldn't have done it.


But that's not the point is it?

That's not why I got banned.

I got banned because you hate me. Everything about me. The fact that I'm intelligent, the fact I have friends. The fact that I love the site.

You say I harass people, but you know that's all lies. Every person who's ever replied to my comments, and defended themselves I've befriended, I use sarcasm, I joke, I have fun. But I befriended every person I ever talked to. I was in the midst of making India my friend. You ruined that.

You know you're the real monsters, harassing me. And that's why I got banned. Because you can't stand to see that.

You are cold hearted people, who hate to see others having fun.

Did you see the hate thread about me? Created by a bunch of people who hate me just like you?

I thought at the time you hadn't seen it before it was deleted, but now I know better.

You probably saw it, and didn't care.

You saw over 75 pages of people cursing my name, telling me they hated me, that I was a good for nothing bitch who should leave this site.

Hell you just forced me to.

You don't care that I'm crying right now because of how much you've hurt me.

You'll just ignore this like the cold heartless people you are.

I'm going to dedicate my book to my friends on that site.

And I'm also going to write about you. And how cruel and heartless you are.

It's published in 2011. You should read it, go on my site. See how Moderators should behave.

I hope you have a nice life.

Because when you die, you're going to hell.

If that doesn't get me a permi ban I don't know what will ^-^.


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