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I was just wondering - how many of you are in College? And if not, where are all of you going? I myself am staying here and going to UNM (University of New Mexico) in January, since I'm graduating from High School early. (I don't see any point in going out of state for your undergraduate degree. It's cheaper to stay in state, and you'll get roughly the same education with little to no debt at the end. Plus, New Mexico has the Lottery Scholarship, and with that, College is looking pretty freaking affordable right now.)

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lolol but I'm so not a partier.


*shrugs* Each to their own. I was talking about myself regardless. *glamours in self admiration*

1/2 the time it's lies and bullshit. 


I heard some weird rumor that UBC only took students with an average of 95% or higher who were either full IB or full AP. I spoke to the UBC representative and he was like, "Where in God's name did you hear that?" They're competitive, yes, just not THAT competitive. Another really fun one was UT. Apparently you could not get in without a 98 average, which was total bullshit. 

 What I suggest if you call up the universities and talk to the people there and ask them questions (my career guidance counselor told me to do this XD It works!) and just what the applications are like and what kind of people they accept. Yeah, there ARE people with 13 AP classes and full IB who are in fifty billion clubs, but those people aren't as populous as you think they are. 


Try applying anyways, you've got nothing to lose. Except your application money.

Just got accepted into my dream Uni.  :DD

Been accepted 8/8.  Still need to finish apps.  >.>  Generally getting scholarships, but nothing's really enough, which is slightly irritating.  I'm just worried.  But this is very exciting.  Woo!

Yay, Lampy! Congrats.

Which is?

Congrats, though. cx

I reallyreallyreally want to go to Willamette.  x.x

Realizing that if UBC says no to me I think I'll cry. Like, legit. 

I know I can't do DAL but I can't exactly stay here, if I went to U of A I'd kill myself. There's no point in McGill or UT and I'm not interested (nor are my parents, and holy fuck their opinion matters) in something like U of S because I suck at Science and I don't want to be a vet or a doctor. 

Airfare ticket prices this year have gone way down ($700+ from here to Halifax, now only $200) so I'm hoping I can do something like live in Vancouver but then fly to visit my friends because I really miss home. But I can't go to school there because there aren't any schools there. :\ 

I really, really hope UBC will take me next year. -Sigh- Time to pimp out my resume a little more. I hope this full IB stuff makes me more appealing in their eyes. I heard that they get the most full candidates and reject the most too. I think I will talk to my friend's sister who is going there right now. Lucky girl. 

So I keep getting all this stuff from Macalester, which, aside from the fact that on College Board they're listed as not having a musical theatre program (treachery!), seems like a pretty cool school.

The other significant problem is that they are, in fact, a Christian school. Do any of you know how one would go about finding out how large of an influence the stated religion of a college plays on its community/curriculum/history/etc.?

Typically, I'd suggest reading over mission statements. They'll almost definitely invoke Jesus/ God in some form, but if it's just about compassion and respect and love, it's all good. If it hints at forcing God down the throats of people that don't want it, then there might be some issues. Check if there are colleges with compulsory masses, or if there are conservative, old fashioned rules in the student code. Really though, community should be fine. They might be mostly Christians, but they're still people.

For curriculum, I would suggest just carefully going through the subjects. It won't tell you how they teach, but it will reveal the sort of subjects they like. For example, the Australian Catholic University, is very heavily weighted towards "caring" professions, teachers, nurses, etc. They don't offer political science, and have limited options in the maths and science areas. And that's reflective of their interpretation of their faith and their role in the world, to help others gain the skills to help even more people. And that effects the way subjects are taught. I mean, it isn't huge, and everyone I know who went there has been very happy with it, but well, they're planning to become teachers. 

That said, at my Catholic High School the religious affiliation didn't effect the curriculum at all. They still pushed maths and science, still taught evolution, still encouraged debates on issues the church holds a stringent view on. And, well, you could glance at the subject guide and see all of that outlined. 

So yeah, looking and what they do and don't offer is important. 

Not sure what you mean by history though. 

Sit in on classes, email students that go there (generally they'll have emails of people who work in admissions or where ever randomly up on the site), try to find people to go there and aren't religious.

And see just how Christian they are.  I applied about 50/50 to private Christian schools.  I think that meant that one of them had a code of conduct form, but otherwise they were all "although we have roots and like to provide a good school environment for this faith, it doesn't influence academics" just the admissions essay with be about faith.  

I will be paying my enrollment deposit for ASU (Arizona State) sometime this week. While there are other places I would much rather be, it's still a good college and the Make-A-Wish Foundation is 30mins away, which few other places can offer me. That was the deciding factor as I most certainly want to work there and I hope to volunteer there during college.

So... how's everyone's applications going? Anyone started somewhere new?

*last page of conversation goes over head* Way to many abbreviations I don't understand and educational systems that are too different. *mindfail*


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