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I was just wondering - how many of you are in College? And if not, where are all of you going? I myself am staying here and going to UNM (University of New Mexico) in January, since I'm graduating from High School early. (I don't see any point in going out of state for your undergraduate degree. It's cheaper to stay in state, and you'll get roughly the same education with little to no debt at the end. Plus, New Mexico has the Lottery Scholarship, and with that, College is looking pretty freaking affordable right now.)

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I got into American University, in their honors program, with an $18,000 a year Dean's Scholarship.

At this point (having received all of my decisions), I'm 80% sure I'll be living in Washington, DC in approximately 5 months.

Oh my god. 

Old Dominion and Virginia Tech look promising (though ODU seems more affordable because I'm too lazy to do well enough for V-Tech).

I have officially registered for classes in fall 2013. What.

Everyone's so old now.....XD

Haha, yeah.

I was just thinking that as I posted this. It's crazy.


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