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Ok... I looked through all of the threads here, so I can be reasonably sure that we don't have this one yet. It's on MDW, but a lot of new people are there and, like, virtually NO old people. EDIT: On the thread, I mean.

So, I decided to post it here. It's incredibly fun if you're creative.

So, here's how you play;
1. First poster wishes for something.
2. Second poster grants and corrupts wish and then wishes for something else.

I wish I had some tea.

Granted, but it's poisoned.
I wish I had an iPad.

Granted, but it's broken.

PS- Original credit for this thread goes to the dude Lilyflower stole it off of.

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I wish that nobody had ever been banned on MX. :(
>.> I think there are several old people still. . . . .

Granted, but there're lots of squees/spam littering about.
Yes... But none/few of them are on that particular thread.

Granted, but you didn't wish for anything, so screw you.
*honestly thinks its a fail thread*

*shrugs* Love you, too.

I wish it was May of '09 again.
Well... I like it. You don't have to participate...

Granted, but the space-time continuum got screwed in the granting of your wish, so you don't exist.

EDIT: I wish that the American flag was purple, white, and black.
Yes. I know. Thanks for stating the obvious, though.

Cool. *doesn't exist* *wins*

Granted, but the flag burns the eyes to look at.

I wish I had more time. . .
You're welcome. :D

Granted, but you don't need time because you don't exist.

I wish that I lived in Italy.
Thank you for mentioning me, but I stole it off of TTS, never gave credit. So sorry whoever you are.

Granted, but you have forever and forever turns out to be incredibly boring

I wish that people had very long and flexible tongues.
But I already have a long flexible tongue... Does it get cut off or something?
Granted but you have alien bites instead.

I wish my drawing hadn't come out so suckish.
Granted, but it's amazing and everybody loves it and you become an instant celebrity and you go on drugs and die from cocaine.

I wish that I was mature.
Granted, but you're in hell. OH NO TALLY COME BACK!!!!! IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO BELIEVE.

I wish... I think you know what I wish. It involves last night's events text. But it's rather rude... :3
Granted, but you're asleep dreaming about ninjas in dark attire.

I wish Silver would stop ruining my homicidal plans.


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