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Ok... I looked through all of the threads here, so I can be reasonably sure that we don't have this one yet. It's on MDW, but a lot of new people are there and, like, virtually NO old people. EDIT: On the thread, I mean.

So, I decided to post it here. It's incredibly fun if you're creative.

So, here's how you play;
1. First poster wishes for something.
2. Second poster grants and corrupts wish and then wishes for something else.

I wish I had some tea.

Granted, but it's poisoned.
I wish I had an iPad.

Granted, but it's broken.

PS- Original credit for this thread goes to the dude Lilyflower stole it off of.

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Granted, you do help her with her plans, but then the chickens come. *cue scary music* They come and attack and take over the whole entire Earth! Mwahahahaha!

I wish my friend would sit at my table again and my other "friend" would leave.
Granted but she may not sit near you, you'd have to yell.

I wish... He would reply to that text. >./body>
Granted, but he turns into a purple dinosaur first.

I wish... I wish for... something? I'm all wished out :(
Granted, but your wish wasn't specific, so it is twisted into something you didn't want. And you're dead.

I wish that the wishing part was just as fun as the corrupting part.
Granted, but... but we all turn into fish.Yeah that should do it.

I wish I knew if I had home work.

Granted, but you have a lot.

I wish I hadn't wished myself fishy.
Granted, but I'm a bit confused on what that's supposed to mean.

I wish that no one had problems with their platelets.
Granted, but I don't know what a platelet is, and I don't feel like googling it, so I grant that no one ever has problems with miniature, feminine plates.

I wish you had understood my fish joke.
When I wished for that wish I was doing science home work. It has to do with blood and platelets help it stop bleeding everywhere and scab up and heal. And if you have a problem with them you can just bleed and bleed forever. I'm guessing it's not fun.

I wish I had better rosin. Mine sucks.
Granted, but I think that means you're a violin player, in which case your life is corrupted enough. XD

I wish that it was Tuesday already.
I am a violin player. But I could have been a viola, cello, or bass player. I also play piano. And once I tried to teach myself guitar, but all I learned was how to tune it.

Granted, but I have no clue why you're wishing this.

I wish for my hill to have words come up when I click on it. (We're making our own island and putting it on google earth and we have to have landmarks and it's really annoying.)
Granted, but that hill doesn't exist, so when people travel there, they get mad and kill you.

I wish that I could read ANGLE: A Maximum Ride novel.


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