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Ok... I looked through all of the threads here, so I can be reasonably sure that we don't have this one yet. It's on MDW, but a lot of new people are there and, like, virtually NO old people. EDIT: On the thread, I mean.

So, I decided to post it here. It's incredibly fun if you're creative.

So, here's how you play;
1. First poster wishes for something.
2. Second poster grants and corrupts wish and then wishes for something else.

I wish I had some tea.

Granted, but it's poisoned.
I wish I had an iPad.

Granted, but it's broken.

PS- Original credit for this thread goes to the dude Lilyflower stole it off of.

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Granted, but it will suck.

I wish I had studied more for my math test.
Granted, but there's a science test you didn't study at all for tomorrow.

I wish EndOf wrote better Math Riddle books...
Ah! I have to study for my science quiz tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Granted, but they're only two pages each.

I wish I didn't have homework that involves typing for the next two hours or so.
Granted, but it involves standing on your head and singing the ABCs for two hours or so.

I wish I looked like a 15 year old.
Granted, but then I accidentally thought you said 50 even though this is typing on a computer so you have wrinkles. They're everywhere. And yes, I do mean everywhere.

I wish for a piece of CCPP. (Chocolate Cherrie Pizzaz Pie. *dies from laughter* Yes I am aware you have no idea what I'm talking about. But that's okay.)
Granted, but I feel left out of your joke, so I bug you until you go insane and kill yourself.

I wish that I wasn't in agonizing pain right now.
Granted, but your in the kind of pain that annoys you to death.

I wish the thing would work.
Granted, but the thing comes alive and eats you.

I wish I could go to the beach.
Granted, but you get eaten by a shark.

Granted, but it fails like last time. Jk, jk. I'm so happy you did it, I'm making a bio now!
I wish I had a better iPod.
Granted, but it turns into Elmo and annoys you to death because every time you try to listen to music it sings it itself.

I wish I could write a story about Elmo ruling the world and killing everyone. That would be fun.
Granted, but Big Bird becomes jealous and kidnaps you, making you watch reruns of Barney for eternity.

I wish the mods would die.


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