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Um, so, the title is self-explanatory. It doesn't have to be somewhere you've been, it could be somewhere you've been dying to go. Oh, and please post pics is you have them!

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Bed in the morning, just before I have to get up.

There are lots of places I'd like to go, though -- England again, Germany, maybe Japan...
I feel so jealous of these world travelers.
I went to England last summer, didn't spend nearly enough time. My family is German and... I dunno, it seems like somewhere I'd like to visit. And Japan is like nerd destination #1.
I've been to Florida. We didn't get to go to any beaches. :(

It was way to cold anyways... But still disappointing.
It- It's beautiful. The water is blue. You don't get that where I come from.
Ok, I'd have to say New Mexico. Specifically, Santa Fe and Alamogordo and Couldcroft.

My grandmother lives there and both parents are from there so it's pretty sweet. Cloudcroft is an amazing town nestled in the mountains. It's got the best sledding hills. I don't have pics of this, sorry :(

Santa Fe is the most gorgeous city I've ever been to. It's fabulous. No pics there either :( I'm not a big picture taking person...

White sands is fabulous. Google it, I implore you.
I... came within an ace of going to college in Santa Fe. :3 It's so beautiful there.
Yes. It's amazing.
La Jolla, San Diego, California. Beautiful town. Might be going to college there.

South Lake Tahoe, the CA side of it.

Santa Cruz.
...Why Hawthorne? It's so.... not the touristy part of LA.
I'll take a stab and say that's where Silver is...
Tell us.


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