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Um, so, the title is self-explanatory. It doesn't have to be somewhere you've been, it could be somewhere you've been dying to go. Oh, and please post pics is you have them!

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"America for the company" XD

We are pretty awesome, aren't we? I think of it like this;
90% of the people in the world are not awesome.
10% of the people in the world are awesome.
10% of the population of America is 30,700,655.
10% of the population of Britain is 6,141,406 (Both were approximations)
America has more awesome people, but the percentages are the same.
Arguably, Britain has a higher percentage... But we'd have to have an awesome census.
I. Want. To. Go. To. Ireland.

*whimpers* It's not fair...
*googles* Ahhhhh.... Awesome picture.


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