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The posts control the Ad's.

Try it!

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Feel mighty?
That's strange.

I have a setting that blocks all ads so I haven't even seen any.
Same. *sigh*
CRAP, MINE DISAPPEARED!!! I used to have the condoms and lubricants, but now they're gone *cries*
just look down, vinny.
am I looking at my crotch or something? cause there's no ads...
Aww. The ad's went bye bye...
Who paid for them? Is Z so nice that she would?
O.o Fuck no, I'm not, I don't have any money. What the hell? Nobody but me can buy premium services and I haven't been on since the other day. Maybe they broke?
Well, Avenge333 said you had to PAY to get them to go away...
You do have to pay for them to go away - AU$24.95. They just seemed to magically disappear off all my Nings. *confusion*
maybe you scared them away....


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