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I know, I kinda stole this from MDW, but I know you guys can be way more creative than the squees who can only think of things like "dying heroically to save Max" or that he won't die at all.

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It would be interesting, wouldn't it. One of those 'out of the blue, never saw it coming' things.
Yes. One of those things that just smacks you in the face while you're reading, and you have to stop reading for a minute and get your bearings.

In HP7, I thought Hagrid died in the beginning. This reminded me of that. I was all "WTF?!? Where'd he go?! Huh?! NOOO!!!"
I almost cried when Hedwig died ='(
I DID cry when I thought Hagrid died... and I was at a lake party while I was reading it. My family was all "Are you crying because of a book?" I replied with "Yes! Leave me alone! Grrrrrr!"
I read in bed from 12:30AM-6:00AM.

My favorite line was 'Accio Hagrid!'


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