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I'm not trying to start a fight, and I'm not trying to accuse or offend anyone. I'm asking that you read and think a bit.

For the relatively new people: We have to stop bugging the "oldies" about MX drama. This means that we shouldn't post on the "What Are You Doing?" Thread. Just like we consider the "What if...?" thread our home (our thread), the "What Are You Doing?" is theirs, their home, their history. We shouldn't ask them to get involved. This will sound mean, but they probably don't care. They've dealt with these problems and (much) worse before. It's not news to them.

For the "oldies": It's understandable that you'd show contempt and be annoyed at the MX drama.You have grown beyond it. Still, I'd like to ask for a little bit of patience and compassion. You guys know what it's like to lose one's place in a website. Yes, it's the internet. But remember what it's like to be banned and lose what voice and place you have.

Feel free to not reply. Again, I'm sorry if anyone was offended. It's impossible for me to be completely impassive about this, but I'm not angry at either "side". I respect and admire the "oldies." You guys are really smart and cool. Most of my closest friends are new people, and I love you guys.

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Is this some scuff-up?

You know what? I kinda feel like stirring something up. Just for the hell of it.

But I'm still a newbie >.> what do I know. Well, I FEEL like a newbie*
*Hugs Ni* I'll be back in an hour, I have my french tutor and a (couple of) big test(s) tomorrow.


Sum up what happened for me?

Because I just LOOOOVE when people make giant discussions about discussions and then don't tell you what the first one was about. And I just LOOOOOVE the fact that this happens all the time.
Yeah, I had a feeling it wasn't. *Sigh* But I'm still a bit curious what "not anything" looks like.

Oh well. People obviously don't want to discuss it, so I'll just ask around about the matter a little more discreetly.

*Hugs Ni One*
Lets tell them to do it.

I was a newb once.

You were a newb.

Newbs will forever be.

And we all act exactly the same.
(You know what I mean.)

So please get the fuck over it. I don't even go on MX for lulz anymore. >.br /> What did we do when there were newbs? Not whine about it everywhere. Not stir shit up.
If you got a problem, FIX IT.

Figure it out.
I had a brief period of jealousy when I lost my top rank on the site. It hurts.
I was pushed to the side and still (somewhat) active. Kind of a slap in the face.

Just sayin'.
I feel like we at least had legitimate drama... Or is that hypocritical?
I feel spechial when I go on and no one knows me :D

It's like, "biznatches, I was on here when you hadn't even READ the books"

And then I remember I'm one of the youngest oldies >.>
You're older than me, no?

Wait, you mean by age? Or by time in fandom?
Time in fandom and I'm older than you?
You're even older than me if you're measuring time in fandom XD You all are.
Are you? *from Dec '06*
No way am I older than you in time of fandom. But that's why I've always assumed I'm younger than you. Technically from October '08, but active since February '09 and fifteen years of age.
I like this reply.

*Fistbump* Power to the Newbies. *Rolls eyes*.


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