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I'm not trying to start a fight, and I'm not trying to accuse or offend anyone. I'm asking that you read and think a bit.

For the relatively new people: We have to stop bugging the "oldies" about MX drama. This means that we shouldn't post on the "What Are You Doing?" Thread. Just like we consider the "What if...?" thread our home (our thread), the "What Are You Doing?" is theirs, their home, their history. We shouldn't ask them to get involved. This will sound mean, but they probably don't care. They've dealt with these problems and (much) worse before. It's not news to them.

For the "oldies": It's understandable that you'd show contempt and be annoyed at the MX drama.You have grown beyond it. Still, I'd like to ask for a little bit of patience and compassion. You guys know what it's like to lose one's place in a website. Yes, it's the internet. But remember what it's like to be banned and lose what voice and place you have.

Feel free to not reply. Again, I'm sorry if anyone was offended. It's impossible for me to be completely impassive about this, but I'm not angry at either "side". I respect and admire the "oldies." You guys are really smart and cool. Most of my closest friends are new people, and I love you guys.

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Being banned isn't news to me, but I'm always up to listen to anyone who wants to talk to me.

Also, when I see drama on the "What're you doing?" thread, I just scroll past it >.>
Sorry, but I am replying.

There is no drama on MX. Seriously. Everyone freaked out about there being drama, then it's just others running around like their heads are cut off withothers dictating them around to prevent/stop the non-existant drama. Really, I doubt any of you have seen any real online forum drama. I know it hasn't happened on MX for beyond ages.

So, my opinion, shut up, get over yourselves, and stop trying to draw attention to yourselves and the issue. Seriously. >.>
I see your point. Not editing it, though.

@Thread - That is a tad blunt, please excuse that.
@OP - Lovely and terribly sly edit. >.>
Devil's and Lamp both said it well. And, yeah, I agree with everything they said. No matter how blunt hers may've been, it was kind of called for, imo.

Except -- Devil's made the point that we 'don't show contempt.'

I love you, dude, but speak for yourself. I'm not as mature as most of you, and a lot of what I see going on on MX bothers me.
To make it clear... it does NOT bother me that you all have the site now. I'm not jealous, if that's what you're getting at. In its current state, I could care less about whether or not my friends get to rule over the site. But I digress.
Back to my main point. MY issue with some of this "drama" -- is that everyone seems to forget that, hey, those of you who were there back when we were there (Tally? Sweetie, you're in this group) were actually with us at one point. Everyone seems to forget that my friends kind of helped them up, so to speak -- a lot of you guys were let into power. And then once we were banned, you took the lead, and you developed your own group, we were just pushed off to the side because, without the influence, we were of no use anymore. I know you're all going to deny this, and say you respect them. Maybe this is true. But at least some of you, have an undertone of that, no matter how much you deny it. That's what bothers me, but again, I only speak for myself here.

How does this relate to your thread at all? Because, drama doesn't annoy me. Complaining about bannings doesn't annoy me. However, the events leading up to this, still annoy me. And every post about some 'drama' and 'omg there are annoying newbs on meh site' further that opinion. Heh, newbs. I still consider myself a newb, next to people like Nathan, and I joined the site way back in November 08.

THIS is where the 'contempt' you may be seeing comes into play.

Well, there goes any scrap of respect I had from anyone here...
I love you. So much.

So. . . yeah. I agree utterly with everything. Especially being pushed off to the site paragraph. I don't care if we're mainly banned members. >.> Or that the sites changed. I feel like this site, the older members, etc, were just used. I know I've even mentioned this point, or referanced it many time.

I love you so much for posting it, because 1. I never did, and 2. When I would've it would've been loads bitchier. XD

*luffles* I still respect you.
Hmm. That explains why I'm not liked here. xD *goes and deletes rant post*
Wait, what?
You said that it annoys you when people come on here and complain about noobs on their website, which I've done several times. I've always felt alienated and something of a nuisance when I'm on this site, and that might be why...x.x
vOv Of course, me, I'm a ridiculous sap and most of the time I like everyone no matter what.
....nononono. Sorry, love, that's not what I meant.

Not noobs on their website. Noobs on MX. Not any other site. Sorry, no. That doesn't apply to you at all. v.v I'm sorry.


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