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I'm not trying to start a fight, and I'm not trying to accuse or offend anyone. I'm asking that you read and think a bit.

For the relatively new people: We have to stop bugging the "oldies" about MX drama. This means that we shouldn't post on the "What Are You Doing?" Thread. Just like we consider the "What if...?" thread our home (our thread), the "What Are You Doing?" is theirs, their home, their history. We shouldn't ask them to get involved. This will sound mean, but they probably don't care. They've dealt with these problems and (much) worse before. It's not news to them.

For the "oldies": It's understandable that you'd show contempt and be annoyed at the MX drama.You have grown beyond it. Still, I'd like to ask for a little bit of patience and compassion. You guys know what it's like to lose one's place in a website. Yes, it's the internet. But remember what it's like to be banned and lose what voice and place you have.

Feel free to not reply. Again, I'm sorry if anyone was offended. It's impossible for me to be completely impassive about this, but I'm not angry at either "side". I respect and admire the "oldies." You guys are really smart and cool. Most of my closest friends are new people, and I love you guys.

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EDIT: I wrote this huge long thing.... I deleted it because I didn't really feel like it was my place to speak. I didn't delete the reply because I, personally, HATE disappearing replies.

I mean, it's not like you could've topped my post when it comes to the most people disagreeing with you...
1. Actually, I think that everyone pretty much agreed with you.
2. It's not my place to post because I wasn't a part of it.
3. It will just prolong the 'drama'.

I'll tell you what I told Tally;
"Here's an epic analogy I came up with;
Conflict is like a fire, and all of our words are twigs. Eventually, some random spark comes along and the fire catches. It spreads through the twigs to whatever twig is near it. It gets bigger and bigger. Then, there are two options; A) Throw more twigs on it until it all burns out or B) stop throwing twigs, no matter how much you want to. Both seem like viable option until you realize this; you will never run out of twigs. And we all have this irresistible urge to throw our own twigs on it, but I'm not going to. I'm going to let the fire die.
Er.... Lamp agreed with me. Devil's half-agreed and half-disagreed, but didn't seem offended by my post. So... no. Not everyone agreed with me, and I'm willing to bet that a lot of people won't.

And once the lot of people-I-don't-know-so-well comes in, they'll all bash me, most likely.

I don't see how that is supposed to apply to this, but alrighty....
And then be bashed back by Lamp and Devil's.

Well, I just... Whatever I had to say was pointless and it won't solve anything, so I didn't post it.
I think she means that if people bash my post you and Lamp will bash the people who bashed me.... or something.... I'd feel speshul? :D?
Ahh. Right...
Feel speshul! :DDD
Correction: If anyone disagrees with her (and by extension, you) then they will be bashed into eternity.
The analogy is lovely. Very fitting.
*Hasn't been on MDW in months*

Sorry, guys, but... what drama?
*Considers himself an oldie*


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