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Ning are a bunch of douches -- UPDATED 10 AUGUST

The site has been paid for for one year in advance.


(You can donate! Please see the link at the top of my profile if you want to throw some money in.)

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Do you take money just sent in a letter? XD If you don't find it creepy?

-Doesn't have online money, like at all-

I think I have prepaid gift card things though, maybe those work?

Also, all my money is Canadian. so do you find trivial value in coloured money? 'Cause I can totally get you coloured money.

As I am not a bank, yes, sent in a letter will work fine :V


Prepaid gift cards work with PayPal if they are through the credit cards PayPal takes.


And Canadian money is fine :3 

:D Prepare to be in awe of this coloured money stuff. (Unless you've been up here...). 


Erm, there might be a lot of coins too. XD So yeah, prepare yourself for some awesome toonie and loonie gawking. 

Might you take cash hidden clandestinely somewhere in Denver with clues to find it?


Or, y'know, I can send you cash. I can't do online transactions without using my mother's credit card and I don't think she'd approve...

That's brilliant.

Thanks. :DD


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