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Ning are a bunch of douches -- UPDATED 10 AUGUST

The site has been paid for for one year in advance.


(You can donate! Please see the link at the top of my profile if you want to throw some money in.)

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Would we all chip in for money? Like a pay-pal account?

If we had to move, I would be willing to help screencap the SC thread.
*groans* Archiving this site it going to be a pain. . . .
Ehhh. As lovely as the thread is. . . . I don't think it's the most important one to archive. Other confessions would be made as time goes on, if anything the What're you doing right now thread needs it the most since. . . .well, accounts of everything from several sites and about loads of members are there.
Moving's prolly best.

Ning is supposed to be offering transition options for those who wish to remain free sites, so. . . .we might want to wait this out a tad, too. Also, considering the general response, I wouldn't be surprised if there are some general changes to the plan of what Ning plans to do between now and the fourth.
I agree that we should move.

And if we do, we might want to have the new site up beforehand, so that we can *sniffles* not have to start completely fresh when Ning slams the death-hammer.
Oh noes!!!

New site I think.
*doesn't get that kind of money* *jealous*
Fifty? o.O

I get $100 on my Birthday and on Christmas from my parents and more from the rest of my family. Rest of the year I get about $16 a month.
I get $20 a week on school weeks and since I'm a money whore I could probably do it.
Yeah. v.v Technically it's my lunch money for school but I go home to eat for lunch and next year I'll pack a lunch because I'm stingy with money.

Yep. It's only ten bucks, I'll cut back on eating McDonalds fries or something. Maybe coffee. (My parents don't have the slightest clue where my money goes, so as long as it isn't for illegal things I'm sure it'll be fine.)
No it isn't. Ten dollars with paying every other month is only sixty bucks per year. I get that in a month.

Alrighty then. Let's wait until May 4th and see our options first I guess.


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