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How many people here are still active on MX MDW?

What do you do?  Forums?  RPs?

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I'm still active. I just stalk my friends, really. Not much else to do after the death.
The death?
Of the website.

Well, that's not fair. It depends on what you define death as. I define it as "the mods banning me and half of my generation and none of my friends being in power". *Is an incredibly selfish little girl*
Yeah... I define 'the death' as when the mods showed up. Before any of us were even banned. Like, even my 'generation.'
Yeah... Our generation was... The final nail in the coffin? I guess...
The website is dead.

Whether that means that it died a year ago, or just now, or anywhere in between, is irrelevant.
'Tis. *solemn nod*
*Misses that generation*
I got banned when the mods showed up >.>

... :V
Didn't you get banned a bit after they showed up? Or is my memory just completely fucked?
It was more like... I went out to a party that night. Came home and I was banned, suddenly there were mods everywhere.

My memory's kind of shot, though >.> I'd already been banned once before, though.
Yeah, I dunno. I was probably way off, but the mods showing up sucked. No matter what order everything happened in.


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