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We need a place to talk and brag about HeartGold and SoulSilver, which technically isn't allowed in Pokemon Fan Club. Yeah, we could do that on "What are you doing right now?", but here it'd be on topic.

I searched and didn't find one. Feel free to yell at me if this isn't okay.


2/19/11 EDIT: I changed the title to allow for Black/White stuff. OCDness I guess.

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Pidgeotto (Altus)-30
Growlithe (Faoris)-6 (he just hatched)
Bayleef (Orchid)-20
Flaaffy (Zazzy)-26
Togetic (Aiedail)-27 (I think)

Shush, Neo. XP
Even if I have no skills?

I just realized I have a Ditto there. I wonder what level it's in. Oh, this could be costly.
I'm catching everything for the Pokedex.
I know they takes less time if you have a female and male, but the only way to get more of the starters is to breed. And then there's those rare ones which are annoying to search for (ie Beldum, Feebas, Taurus, Scyther).

If I don't work on the Pokedex from the start, I never get near to completing it.
Hmm, that could be useful. I use Ditto in battles every once in a while for fun.

Yeah. It gets to a point where I have to choose battling or completing the pokedex. And you know, some of those evolution stones are hard to come by.
Why? Mocking the opponent and then beating them, to boot. It's fun.
Zazzy[girl] paralyzed Raiku. ^-^
The first Eevee I ever had evolved into an Umbreon (Gold version). I let my Growlithe fight it out against the weakling bugs. It was fun watching him beat them with only ember.
Err...I don't want mean to run you off, but I think you meant to post these in the "What are you doing right now?" thread, so...This is the Pokemon thread.
whoops. thought something was odd ( :
I watched in mild amusement the other day as a level 16 Farfetch'd defeated two of my party Pokemon. Now they're stronger, but still. I've been spoiled by my other games, where whatever I click, the opponent ends up dead.

You're apologizing for sleeping? Do you happen to recall a certain petition I once signed? A petition I sent around? Hmmm? XD Tally, you're adorable.


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