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hi. i am travelling all over the internet to spread the love. i am a christian, and hopefully you are too. i am not here to try to convert you if you are not a cristian, though if you would like to be converted ill happily help. 

i am here to speak to the people who are already christians. we need to stand together and fight. if you have an atheist or agnostic or something else bad friends, leave them behind now. 

thank you and god bless you all.

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Um. Hi.

I'd like to keep all of my Christian friends, thanks.
i said you have to give up your athesits and agnostic and stuff friends not your christian friends duh.
No, see, I'm atheist. But I'm friends with several Christians and I love them to pieces.
oh. well they shouldnt be friends with you. why do they like you?
Sometimes I wonder that myself. See, I'm friends with Christians who don't judge like you do. If they didn't like me, it wouldn't be because of my religion or lack thereof.
if i were you id wonder that too.

then there not real christinas.
No, I'm pretty sure they are.
no it wouldnt
what? christinaity is all about love.
well are you a guy or a girl?
thats beastiality!!!!!!!!

Oh I can't help it.



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