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Welcome to the Secret Confessions thread. Beyond the pure anonymity of the internet, there lies a certain level of understanding behind all the accounts here on FF. The SC account carries burden of allowing the user to give a candid, private confession with (hopefully) understanding feedback. The SC thread is for other posters to give kind and/or helpful advice, words of empathy, or a secret of their own (under the SC name or not).

This account is a group account, and EVERYONE needs to treat it respectfully. By posting under the Secret Confessor, you are pledging to refrain from hate mail, "finger-pointing", insulting and being a jerkface. By posting in the SC thread, you are pledging to keep the comments respectful. This has not yet been a problem, but it's nice to have written down "just in case".

If you would like to use the SC account for ANY reason beside posting in this thread, please PM me- even if it's under the SC name (this is not to exert authority, but to maintain order over a very accessible account).

Thank you!

Password: secret

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I think it's a very cool idea, just loads of potential for something to go wrong.
Sounds like loads of fun, though.
That's pretty much what I was thinking. But I have faith in the members here ^_^ . And Nathan can always delete the account if worst comes to worst.
Awesome idea, but I see how it could go downhill quickly. Give it a shot anyway?
Eh, sure, why not.

Not too much could go wrong- delete the account and be done with it. I give it a week before some bozo screws it up.
*stamp of modly approval*
Done done and DONE.

Thanks Nathan!
It sounds cool! If only I had something to say xD
Sounds cool.
I really want to say something, but I have absolutely nothing to say.... *thinks* *needs something to share*

I was thinking the exact same thing. Oh, and the SC's avatar right now is just something that I found online and thought was cute. If you could post something else that'd be great!
It sounds pretty cool.

-Has a feeling it might go down hill after a while.-
^.^ Sounds cool.


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