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No offense to those proud Americans.

It's just that they passed a new law that literally forces students in high school to do 50 hours of volunteer community service, and collage students 100 hours of volunteer community service or else they won't graduate.

And I just started highschool....yay. >.>


and yes, I did say volunteer community service. Um, hello, loop hole anyone? Sheesh, it's called a dictionary. They should look up 'volunteer'

EDIT #2:

Oh yeah, so discuss:

-Stupid, funny, unfair laws for any state or the whole country
- How stupid this law is
-Meh, talk about anything really. it is in the random section.

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i thought it was 30 hours...

damn it =/
I'm in America, but my school did away with volunteer work--right before I started high school. ^^
>> Pics or it didn't happen.

It's called "volunteer" community service because you can get smacked with community service for some crimes.
No it's not crimes they're making us do it for. I found it out from AOL news, but I'm pretty sure you can find it elsewhere.You're literally forced to sign up for a service, regardless if you did anything or not because if you don't you won't graduate. That goes for every highschooler or collage student in america.
Nathan means (I believe) that it's called 'voluntary' because you aren't sentenced to do it. It's a requirement for graduation rather than a 'do it or go to prison' thing. You can choose not to do it, but you aren't fulfilling the terms of your degree. It's the same as me choosing not to do research participation for my class, I don't have to do the 5 hours, but if I do it's 5% of my grade.
This is bad becuase...?
You can't force someone to volunteer for something, I mean, I understand what they mean to do. Make a better community, get kids of their lazy butts, but still.
So, you really just have a problem with the word they're using? You wouldn't mind it if they just said "community service"?
Not, I mean it is that, but it is also other things I don't really have that much of a problem of doing community service myself, I have a problem with the fact that it would be mandatory and to me it seems as if they're punishing all students in the highschool/collage systems.

Coming from Germany and only living here for a few months, I'm pretty sure you could see what a great first impression the United Stated has given me. I don't think it's fair that they're making it mandatory.
Like I said above, it's more like a part of the degree, but coming from the government side of things. It only seems like a punishment because teenagers have a damn ugly view of the world. Do you think anyone would do it if it were entirely voluntary? How many? 5 people in a year level maybe? They want these kids to learn something through this, it's not that difficult and it's not that long. If you need a better example of the 'part of a degree' theory; I did 200 hours of unpaid work experience in child care in my last two years of high school, I got a cert. 3 for it. You have to work to get any qualification. I could have completed all the other work for the certificate, but not completed the 200 hours, but then I wouldn't have learnt enough to get it. If the government thinks American high school and college students need these skills to receive their degree, whether a high school diploma or a bachelor, who's to say there's anthing wrong with that?
Excellent. Maybe superficial high-schoolers will learn to broaden their horizons more. *is a superficial high-schooler, fyi*
that sucks


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