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No offense to those proud Americans.

It's just that they passed a new law that literally forces students in high school to do 50 hours of volunteer community service, and collage students 100 hours of volunteer community service or else they won't graduate.

And I just started highschool....yay. >.>


and yes, I did say volunteer community service. Um, hello, loop hole anyone? Sheesh, it's called a dictionary. They should look up 'volunteer'

EDIT #2:

Oh yeah, so discuss:

-Stupid, funny, unfair laws for any state or the whole country
- How stupid this law is
-Meh, talk about anything really. it is in the random section.

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It's not like you'll go to jail. Saying that it's a communist country is a little...

It's just something you do to graduate. It's the same for signing up for a class. You don't have to do it, but if you don't, you won't graduate. And fifty hours is really not that much. Two hours a weekend, that's only twenty-five weekends. You would like someone with some volunteer work on their resume, no? It builds people skills, the same way math builds math skills. You could to fifty hours in a summer, it's really not that big a deal.
I'm getting spanish courses in the adds se ction...


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