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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and other DNA books)

There isn't a section for non-MR books, so I guess this goes in here...

I've loved these books for years, but recently I got really into them again and read some of Douglas Adams' other stuff, too, and he's such a Zarkin' frood I had to make a thread about it.

Anyone else...?

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A absolutely adore Douglas' Adam's book, they're. . . . beyond amazing.

*cough* Did you read the Dirk Gently ones?

The Long Dark Tea Time for the Soul I liked the best though. 'Twas brilliant.
*read them out of order unknowingly ages ago, though v.v*
I don't think the order matters xD I liked Thor.

I just read the bits of the unfinished one (Salmon of Doubt) that were published... It's odd, it just stops x.x Poor Douglas.
-Loves Hitch Hikers-

I'm in the midst of reading Hitch Hikers (numero six), convinced my friend to too!

One of my sister's old teachers ADORED it and made them read it in class and watch the movie and everything. I want that teacher so badly.
*hiss* Book six...Eughhhhhh...
I completely forgot about Random, only having read the sixth one time. Other than her being annoying. That wasn't helpful when reading AAT, though. X_X
...I haven't read it...Is it any good? I find the whole idea of a Hitchhiker's book not by DNA very distressing...It's like asking Damien Hirst to do a new Da Vinci notebook...
Did you read The Lost Symbol, then?

You can't really compare it to that of the first 4 in the series, but. . . . . Colfer does it justice.
Did you read The Lost Symbol, then?

O.O I really, really hope you're joking...

Ehh...I just think it's not Hitchhikers unless it's Douglas Adams...and I know he was going to write a sixth book at some point, but the thing is Douglas Adams was going to write it...

*is only part way through the Lost Symbol so far*

It's not.
But that's one of the reasons I liked it. Colfer goes off explaining that through an old quote of Adams. He refers to it as in an old appendix that you might find if you were looking in the 'If you liked this, you might be interested in reading. . . .', etc.
*wasn't talking about Dan Brown* >.>

I'll maybe read it in a few years...when it's cheap to buy >.>


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