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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

This thread is dedicated to everyone who's a Troll.


To everyone who's ever been banned for anything.

To everyone who's ever done something for the lulz.


To everyone who's ever made a second account to dodge a ban.


To everyone who's ever felt that intelligence should combat stupidity.


If you've ever done anything to rebel from the normality of the world...this thread is for you.


Todays Topic: Voting for our King.




1. Mr. Kay/Dual/Crowley/Fake Fang/Jude/Bela Lugosi Zebub



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I'll vote for you.
Psh, that's cause of all the epic fan squeeing you've done together.
Epic indeed.
Only if I can be princess of trolls.

CUZ lol Im a princess nd its sooooooo awsum nd i haev pink sparrkleeee thigs nd stuf.
Named trolls by Caz!
And all that Jazz!

To waste our time with mindless recreation!
To give the mods a proper education!
To pronounce our existence as evil trolls!
To do everything for the sake of the lulz!


Mr. Crowley, trolling for no reason at all! Ban him now, or your website will fall!
You really have too much free time. :D
Blame the insomnia and being bored at night.
I'm just jealous at how you can seem to make a parody of anything.
I blame video games. >.> and P0rn
Not anything. Trying to parody any work of good literature would result in death. My brain can only handle so much.

If this website falls, it will fall hilariously, and I'll be right there with popcorn.

Good God, man.


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