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I can't believe we don't have this thread, I went through all the threads looking for it.  Brought back such memories, too.  :D  Tell me if I, however, missed it.


So, pretty self explainatory.  What are you currently reading?  'Tis appreciated if you'd also say whether or not you'd recommend/not recommend the book, too, so everyone can expand their reading list.  :D 


I'm curretly reading:

 - Symphony of Ages Seires -- Elizabeth Haydon.  They're great.  I'm adoring them.

 - The Messenger -- Markus Zusak.  'Tis lovely.  Very down-to-Earth, great writing style, fast moving without too much action. 

 - The Gates -- John Connolly.  Only a few pages into it.  'Tis beyond amazing, though.  I love this author.


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And not out of choice.

Technically speaking, I'm reading Fang-I've only made it to, like, the fifteenth chapter-but I'm not actually allowed to read during the school year.

The rents.

Probably for my own good, but it can't be good for my mental health.

All work and no read makes Fake a dull boy.
Just finished (like, this morning at 12 something) The Mysterious Benedict Society, which I've read before and is technically a children's book. But I love it. >.>

I'm also in the middle of Anansi Boys, The Thief, and Interworld, but I haven't been reading them consistently.

And then there are 7 books at the library, which are waiting to be picked up.
I bought that (MBS) a few months ago!
Worth reading? -hasn't gotten around to it yet-
I, as well as two of my friends, love it. So yeah, if you bought it, read it. :D
I'm a good part of the way through A Walk In the Woods, Bill Bryson.
Surprisingly awesome and hilarious.
- House Rules -- Jodi Piccoult. It's good, very typical Jodi Piccoult novel. I'm about 3/4 of the way through it.
-Ransom -- David Malouf. Only just started, but it seems very promising.
What's the Jodi Picoult one about? I've read four of her books, and loved them all.
An autistic boy who is obsessed with crime scenes and forensics is accused of murdering his social skills tutor.
I'm constantly all over the place.

- Eight billion German books. Pronunciation guides, I have decided = completely fuckin useless.

- Duma Key - Stephen King. Good one, I like it.

I haven't been reading much lately, yeah.
Oooh, I have Duma Key. Haven't started it yet, though...
Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams. For a very long time now... The library fines are going to kill me.

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I got three pages in, apparently it is supposedly very sucky.

And I'm not quite sure which Agatha Christie book this is but yeah. I've read like a paragraph. >.>

The Iliad by Homer. Far too long...

A Midsummer's Dream by Shakespeare.


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