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When fang and Iggy get together, what will Gazzy think?

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Isn't he at the age where girls have 'cooties'?

He'll love it, Iggy is his best friend/big brother and i don't think Iggy is the type to leave Gazzy alone all the time just to be with Fang.
But I was wondering if Gazzy would be uncomfortable with the fact that the only two alpha males he's met turned out gay would disrupt him emotionally?
He's 8/9 years old, would he really understand it enough to feel disgusted? He might find it a little weird at first but when Fang and Iggy explain it he'd probably be alright with it.

If anyone is going to have a problem it'll be Max.
I'd think Max would be supportive as long as they're not ripping out each other's throats.
Probably something like "Room for three?"
ahaahh eww thats perverted...
Or hot...
I haven't used the word kinky in forever...Did you know rain that evaporates before it hits the ground is called Virga? Isn't that totally random info that is just cool to know?

*back on-topic*
Hot, kinky, AND Sexy.
...yes AND yet still perverted.

wow you know some useless information. im gona tell everyone!
Nope. Its a good image *shot*
....What will Gazzy think?....

Um probably something along the lines of "WTF!!!??!?!?!?!"
ha ha ha


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