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Have you read the fanfiction the Wings of Wrath? It's a long one, but you might like it.
It's about Fang finding his reletives, and, well, thats the plot really, I don't want to spoil anything, but it's mostly just in-depth look at the relation ships between the characters.
(contains Fax)

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I wouldn't know, but it's like, 84 chapters.
Can we has a linky? And how many words is it? I've heard of it and it's epicness from FFFlock, but never read it.
Yes, I've read it. It's pretty good. There's about 150 chapters, though some of them are published on the same page, and just under 263,000 words. There's also a prequel and sequel(s).

Here's a link
I'd say that review count doesn't relate to quality: it relates to your ability to attract readers.
No. I tried, but I just can't get into it.

I would give it another go, but... I'm writing my own stupidly long fanfic.
I think I read the beginning, but I had to go before I could finish it and I wasn't draw in enough to go finish it. Maybe I will now.
Whenever I read Fanfics, I get the feeling only girls do it. I have no FF account and I don't want one, but I do like reading them. What's this one about?
Wings of Wrath....?

Is it just an allusioned title or do they actually make it like GoW?
No, it's just the title. Comes from a poem the author wrote.
Ah, so nothing to do with Grapes of Wrath? Well... thank gah because that would be some weird MR fic.

The flock moves because of drought, Total dies, Nudge has to lactate and help some guy live. Weird times...
I read a lot of it but then it took the author forever to add to it so I stopped reading for awhile but then I forgot where I was in the story....but the parts that I read were good
I think it's the only fanfic I've ever bothered to read and finish.... (it is finished right? *shifty eyes* the author hasn't edited it?)

(I just got frustrated after the first millions failures I read... Some people really can't write. I don't know how I managed to miss all the decent FFics, just my bad luck I suppose, but I've never has the heart to write any of my own because of it...)


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