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So, I went into work yesterday as per timetabled. I ran out of credit on my phone on the way in (might have used it all on the internet, whoops lol) so I was listening to my iPod as I walked in, not really paying attention to anying, and walked around the back and dropped my stuff off in the staff room (Thats a set of coat hangers by the fridge.), put on my apron but left my hat off, as I was about 15 minutes early, and walked back around to the front to look for someone I know to say hi to.

And...I didnt recognise her.

She looked at me confusedly for a few seconds, but we got introduced pretty quickly and talked a little, and she was nice. Now, my shift started at 11, so that ment there should have been two people already in the shop to serve and prepare and stuff, but I couldnt see another person.

Maybe they're in the toilet I thought to myself and went about putting my hat on and clocking in early, as we had a queue and this second person was no where to be seen. Finally another girl walks in the front door as I'm buying a drink (we usually get free drink from the coke machine, but it was out of order) and introduces herself to me as Charlie.

Lol. I'm working with two people I've never met for the morning.

It was actually pretty fun, consideirng I expected it to be a bit awkward. We got the queue down in a couple of minutes and kept it that way,never more than three people waiting to be served, so that was alright (though I was a little too fast at the front of the line and had to keep jumping between salad and meat counters to prevent a build up) and we had a laugh.

I got all three of us dancing to the music that was on, in completely unrelated dance moves (like, 80's style to modern) while we waited for the toaster to finish cooking the front of the line's sandwich. I think we scared a few potetntial customers away when they looked in the window by doing that, but their loss x3

And then Bert turned up. Yay, someone I recognise!

She had a pretty good crack at fixing the coke machine, and it finally started coming out (even if it was a little flat), so we could sell that again as longa s the customers were willing to drink it like that. We warned then, and let them taste it first, and we sold a few of those.

The day went pretty quickly, and after my break there wasnt much time left, so I deformed all the bread and filled the fridge, which looked like we'd been decended upon by hundreds of people because the coke machine had been out all morning. There were only a few bottles of everything, so I created quite the plastics and cardboard piles trying to fill it up again.

I convinced Bert to let me take the last five minutes of my break to go down to the chocolate shop around the corner and got us all a chocolate bar, which then ended up in the fridge because it was absolutely boiling and the stuff was trying to melt. Was the best idea though, it tasted sooooo yummy.

Then I went home, and my iPod died at the bus stop. Silly electronics.

I'm interested to see what the Charlie girl says about me though. It's the first time I've worked with her, but virtually all of the regulars there say when they've worked with her all she's done is slag off all the other members of staff who werent there at the time. She has no real regard for the rules (gets her phone out every few seconds and neglects customers in the hope someone else will do it) and no one likes her.

Wonder what she'll tell them about me. I think all I gave her to go on was 'Hyper/ crazy'

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