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Horrorshow if you can pony these slovoes, droogs~

I can feel it - my IQ is dropping. All of the stracky grammar and such... Disgusting.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I do that often.

I am Bel. You may call me Prince the Ripper or Belphegor. Or whatever malenky nick eemya you messel. Unless it's really gloopy, I do not care. I'm a devotchka, in case you would like to know. Chellovecks skazat that I'm a talented writer, and my gulliver is constantly in the clouds for ideas. That means during class I rarely pay attention to what's sloochavvy.

I like RPGs and all of that jazz. Twilight is my guitly pleasure, although I hate Edward and Bella. I feel like someone's ittying to gouge out my glazzies and beat me with like a chair for that statement. Whatever, I don't really care for the trivial, anonymous opinions on the Internets. Too baddiwad if I vred your malenky pixelated feelings. I do not care.

Chaos and drama fill me with radosty.

I'm a grammar Nazi, and the malenky veshches bug me. I think as the raz passes, I'm becoming anti-social. I'm easily frustrated - especially when I viddy the same cliche every dva minootas - and I'm paranoid. I dislike gromky noises and being home on my oddy knocky for too long. The zvook of a cheesting machine makes my skin crawl. My voloss is boring and my glazzies are grey.

Please accept my appy polly loggy - you're probably confused. I'm just obsessing over A Clockwork Orange - hence the strange words [slovoes] you see [viddy] with your glazzies [eyes]. If you want to understand [pony] what I'm really saying, perhaps you should brush up on your Nadsat, brothers.

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