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I'm back from Sea Farer's and the Tiki Too got second place over all! The Challenger got first, they won, like, 9 events. (even mystery!) But we, The Tiki, placed first in Marlin spike, which is an event where you have a "craft" you need to complete correctly that's judged on a scale of 0-10. My item, a sewn gromet (because i basically SUCK at splices) got a 9 and that is AWESOME because I usually get lighter canvas to sew through (this stuff was THICK!) and the ring I sew around is usually smaller, AND and and I average around 6-4 usually! It was just ah-MAZing!

We got first in team knots and ship knots as well. No one was shoked though, it's our specialtyas well as Compass&relitive bearings (but we had new girls so we didn't win comp&RBs =[) Team knots is where the six fastest knot tiers do a relay race to get a good score all the six knots we tied (bowline, square knot, two half hitches, clove hitch, bowline on a bight) need to be tied correctly ((check for Tiki!!)) and be done in a fast time.
Ship knots are the same knots that need to be tied by all crew members under a minuet and 30 seconds.

And we also won barrel fill. Barrel fill has no point, and we never train for it...You basically have 4 crew members run from one barrel to another with buckets of water, the objective is to get your empty barrel full...

And now I'll brag about how we got second in boastwain's Chair! Boastwain's Chair is where you have a long line (rope) that goes through a block (pulley) at the top of (whatever really) a tower. On one side of the line a crew member ties a french bowline around themself and the person on the other side of the line pulls them up until they can touch the block, then brings them back down and switches places with them. We do this with four girls, two teams, Me & Liz, and KT & Mary. I'm bragging cause boastwain's chair is a total boys event (The challenger, a boys crew, won this event [suprise, suprise!]) you need strength and swiftness and agility. And WE PLACED SECOND! *hyperventilates*

And Kelly (our Officer) randomly put ME on the radio team with Mary, even though, I just learned Radio last week, and KT KNEW (and has done radio before) how to do it! Like really, WHY?! But we did get a good score and a passing time (but we didn't place). Radio, by the way, is where you talk to your partner through a radio and send them a message and recive a reply with a certian procedure.

We also won the spirit award! :D


SECOND PLACE! <3 (with three new girls!)

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