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I'm on a roll with these slightly rebellious and mostly stupid ideas. Well, I was thinking that the Mods don't really take into account the feelings of the people they excommunicate, and I wanted a way to show them that the people they perma-ban have feelings too. It's more of an experiment than anything else, but I'm asking those of you who've been banned to write something on how it affected them, how it made them feel at the time, how they look back on it now, etc. I was just getting sick of seeing how harshly it affected some of you for the Mods to eternally ban you without a second thought. I want to show them that are consequences for their actions no matter who it affects, and that the site they took away from so many of us mattered more to us then they could take away at the click of a button. If I get enough pieces, I'll either post it as a comment on the Mod's pages, a blog post on my own, or maybe even as a discussion on the site. Nobody has to do anything, I just want us to be heard.

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Comment by Ovie! Ovie! Ovie! Oy! Oy! Oy! on December 24, 2009 at 1:01pm
While I agree they don't, that is kind of what they are supposed to do, being professionals and payed to Moderate. I just have to say, prepare to be banned for being disruptive, because they don't appreciate that stuff.
Comment by Lamp Post on December 28, 2009 at 6:49am
Meh, it's not really excommunicating, they aren't condemning our souls.

And, it'd get deleted. Xuut, posted something about the bannings with the more recent banhammer of September. Her view, reactions and views of banned members, etc. She, then, got banned. v.v

Anti-Love was a beautiful piece of work, of unbanned members, many of which were great friends with those banned, and we all wrote long pieces. . . it was deleted without reason.

Anti-Fans 101, a piece by EndOf, from which we adapted a lovely welcoming message, was deleted without reason/cause. See a pattern?

Point is, whatever you post, will be deleted. Being here. . . if you make it known, you will be a target. We've tried things like this, and that's one of the reason this site's more or less a taboo on MX, for fear of getting banned.

Don't PM the mods, either. They'll tell you that you don't know anything, they don't need to tell you anything, and that basically, you don't matter. (Yes, we do have screencaps of this)

Being heard. . . if it's not the accepted opinion, you'll be gone. That's just how it works over there. Also, there are hidden rules over there. . .rules that weren't put in the Guidelines of the site, that can get important threads, and lovely people banned. I argued this many times while over there, ac tually. One of those rules is that you can't 'celebrate' a banned member, especially in an OP. So, basically, mention Nathan, or any other banned member, as more than just a side note, and it'll be deleted and you'll probably be banned for trying to start a riot.

Finally, the mods have orders to get rid of antis on MX. The site owner clearly doesn't care with their 'If You Don't Like It, Go Somewhere Else' thread. They're only concerned with their own profit from their job, and the profit that site makes.

The thought is appreciated, but, I'd recomend not doing so, unless you value your account. I know the mods do let some banned members back onto the site. Knowing someone's an alter (Like they have the same name, avvie, have the same theme with their alter etc.) and give them another chance, but unless you want to chance that. . . . chance become one who has to watch from the outside, or not at all, go through countless emails just to post on the site maybe one day, etc, then please, don't. You'll regret it.

However, if you do post anything, back it up here before you post it. That was those who no longer lurk can see what you did, and so when it's deleted on MX, we have another copy to admire.
Comment by Zapp on December 29, 2009 at 11:20am
I was banned twice, and I think only the first one was unfair as it was utterly out of the blue and no one else (to my knowledge) was banned at the same time despite doing far more cursing and was one of those random banhammers a few people got before the mods came over from the Twisite when it was just lurky Hatchette book group as the only admin.

The second ban was pretty much justified :D

My third account I deleted myself so it doesn't count, and I don't use the current account much or at all really, so I doubt it'll get banned.
Comment by Zapp on December 29, 2009 at 11:22am
*can't edit* I'd also add that you can't expect anything from the mods; they're paid to keep the site clean and that's it. There's only so much rebelling you can do before it becomes pointless, and tbh the site in its current state isn't worth it.
Comment by Fake on December 29, 2009 at 1:41pm
Naturally, I believe that, in the past, I have been unfairly banned.

And, naturally, I have a slightly biased opinion. My most recent banning was on TTS-it was my first ban on the site, and it was a permaban. I was banned for getting a ton of people to change their names to, "Yin," or, "Yang." Not for posting porn, not for, oh, putting up the pictures of some bloody murder I'd committed, but for freaking impersonation. Again, I stress the points, "Permaban," and, "Utterly clean record."

I may be a bit biased, but I think they mildly overreacted. Just a tad.

To be fair, ModGenn seems to hate me. Admittedly, see why. I'm remarkably detestable. Few people have ever been as detestable as I am. There is, frankly, no end to by detestability. People gather together in public assemblies to discuss how much they hate me. I have several awards, as well as a medal from a small country in South America, which pays tribute to both how much I am detested and my general all around dislikeability. I don't have it on me, of course. I keep my medals in a sock drawer.

Words can not describe my detestability. Epic poets have tried and failed to fully describe my personality in their tales. The mere mention of my name can make people burst out in song, as spontaneous and organized as that of a musical, describing their utter hatred for me. My reflection doesn't show up in mirrors nowadays-it committed suicide at the thought of being associated with me. People have compared my black hole like aura of dislike as that of Hitler, until more experienced, knowledgeable, historically accurate and above all smarter people pointed out that Hitler was, in fact, a pretty likeable guy-very outgoing. They then normally point out that I mispelled, "organised," a while back. They're funny like that.

But dislike is no grounds for banning.

I propose the creation of a constitution-not that we can make them follow it, but if we can get at least one moderator to, you know, give a damn, then we'd be pretty well off.

It should be noted that the moderators, when confronting MDW, pretended to not know what an Anti-Fan was. Given the fact that they'd been on previous Ning websites moderating, I'd like to formally call, "Bullcrap." Feel free to edit that when you send it in-I'm sure that they'd ban an Anti for saying, "Crap," if they felt like it.
Comment by Brandybuck on December 30, 2009 at 7:28pm
@Lamp: Big words (such as excommunicating) make me feel smart, my inability to utilize them correctly is just another example of why I should probably stop trying. As far as it probably being deleted, the mods taking the time to view it as threat enough to be deleted shows that it might make a (however small) difference. I've thought about it, and at this point remaining unbanned isn't exactly on my list of priorities. I don't mean it in offense to those of you who were banned, I know it probably sucked at the time, but currently the site's ridiculous anyway and it was just a matter of time. I don't want to get banned, but being banned for voicing my opinion is preferable to when the mods inevitably decide to ban me for breathing.

@Ryan: Like I said, I'm pretty much indifferent to the amount of time before they ban me.

@Patrick: It's not rebelling. I'm looking at the realistic fact that battling the mods will never work, no matter how many petitions we sign, or legal threats we make, because the mods don't care. The point isn't to rebel, it's to make the mods see us as more then stuck up teenagers on the site they're getting paid to keep G rated.
Comment by Zapp on January 2, 2010 at 6:22am
I still don't see the point. They don't care and they don't have to care. They also would probably have lost their jobs by now if they hadn't banned us.
Comment by Lamp Post on January 4, 2010 at 8:18am

I agree with Patrick. It's their job to mod, not to care. To them this is just aj ob, and honestly, I don't think MX will be anything more.

Too, while it's not our job to make it enjoyable there for them, or at all decent, really, they make allowances for TTS, and members there, because they've been able to see the value of fandom at times, and have made friends there. The mods, too, had orders to ban antis, and those in contact with banned antis, and involved in anyway, with any resistance to any banhammers.

We have out own sites, now. While it'd be nice if we got more members, or had more activity, this is what we have left. While fighting can be fun and you can occasionally get something out of it, it's proven to only get more bans under the belt, and that's not something we really need.
Comment by Brandybuck on January 4, 2010 at 12:04pm
I understand, and I know they don't care. That's the point really, not fighting the rules or the mods, just to show them that we're people too, and maybe to show them our perspective.

(As far as I know) banning antis isn't part of their requirements, nor banning those in contact with banned antis. The mods know that I'm in contact with banned antis, and I know plenty of people on the 'Antifans Report' list who remain unbanned today. Why Kayte got banned for her Constitution, I don't know. All I know is that I've openly stated that I disagree with the rules as they stand, and haven't even recieved a warning.

I'm not trying to fight, or resist or anything. The point of this was only an experiment to see if the mods would understand our side better if they understood our people and their feelings better.
Comment by Lamp Post on January 7, 2010 at 8:05pm
Well, they want to keep their job, and on MX I got multiple emails regarding their orders to ban antis, so to back off, and I still think I have 1-2 PMs about it in my inbox on TTS. So. . . . yeah, it's kind of part of the requirements.

I know, I'm just saying. . . . . that's how it starts. I did loads of crap going 'Oh man, I'm so going to get banned for this' and then one day, randomly, when I was completely unexpecting of it, I got banned. And for something I never would've imagined.

I doubt it, but. . . . good luck.


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