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I think something's broken, and I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing it or not, but it's not letting me click some things. It wont let me click 'reply' to anyone's posts, nor will it let me bring up the hcat on the bottom of the screen. It does it with a few other minor things to, but those are the main ones. Instead of doing what it should, it shoots me back up to the top of the screen.

Any ideas?

Anyway. Yesteday was my first day back at work, at a Subway restaurant in our closets shopping centre. Thankfully I hadn't forgotten how to do my job x3 since I did somepart time work in a Subway in Aussie while I was gone, so I'm pretty likely to get somemore hours next week than just the Saturday.

It was good to see them all again, even if the girl I really dont like was in for most of my shift. The reason I don't like her is she never seems to actually do any work, as well as being rather rude, but thankfully because she doesn't like to work I don't see her as often as if she was just rude.

Something I should be grateful for, I suppose x3

I didn't mess up, and I got to see everyone again and hug Bertrude (my shift manager, who's known as Bert but her name is Roberta) and generally mess about with Holly, one of the best people that works in the place. I'm a little slow when it comes to the meat part of making sammiches: The cutting the bread and adding meat and cheese and toasting it (the ham misbehaves and sticks together ><)

She was dubbed Batman, because in the busy period she started the sammiches off, and I was her Sidekick Robin adding cheese and putting them in the toaster. S'all good.

Considering I've been away for like, six months, I dont have a lot to say about Australia. I didn't have that much money to play about with, so I pretty much just lived over there rather than sight see. We did end up going to Coffs Harbour, and I went up in a helicopter (something I never thought I'd do!) and saw the place from the sky. The only other notable things are that I discovered I'm both lactose and pork intolerant, which is why I often felt sick before I went there.

Back to the present, my nephew's christening is today. He's just over six months old now, and for some reason my brother and his fiancee picked father's day to have him christened. *shrugs* Either way, I decided I should eat something before I left, so I went to make a toasted fake cheese (lactose free) and chicken sammich.

My dog has a built in cheese detector.

She was no where to be seen until I took the cheese from the wrapper, and just went to cut the first slice. She shot around the corner from the living room and sat at the doorway before I'd even got the knife into the cheese,e ars out and playing the puppy dog eyes on me.

She got a bit of cheese, but I dont think she liked it x3

Thats about it really, other than mentioning that the boyfriend I went to visit in Aussie is nowin england with me. =3 He's job hunting at the moment, or he'll have to go back from lack of funds, but my parent's arent charging him much to stay here so he'll be ok for a few months yet.

That's it x3


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Comment by nathan_p on June 21, 2010 at 4:05am
As to the reply problem, yeah, known issue. Refresh a few times and it usually goes away.


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